Views for 2014-05-01

Thursday, May 1, 2014
'Change is in the air,' writes Rogers, yet 'it involves more than the questioning of capitalism's open-market stage.' (File) Paul Rogers
The Global Crisis: Seeing It Whole
There have been many books published about the failures of the global economic system since the onset of the financial crash since 2007-08, but two in particular compel attention. The first is...
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Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland. Robert Parry
Who’s the Propagandist: US or RT?
The U.S. State Department, which has been caught promoting a series of false or dubious stories about Ukraine, is trying to give some substance to Secretary of State John Kerry’s counter-complaint...
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(Credit: Karl Grossman
How Organized Mothers Are Making an Impact
The mothers are making an impact! A phenomenon in environmental activism in recent years has been the emergence of grassroots organizations “powered by the voices of mothers, dedicated to protecting...
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Mural paintings depicting scenes from the torture of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad. (AFP/File, Behrouz Mehri) Robert C. Koehler
Working the Dark Side
Ten years ago, photos of the crucifixion — and worse — were released to the American public. The media still call it “the Abu Ghraib scandal,” as though, oops, the awkward repercussions for Team Bush...
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While the Left chit-chats about inequality, the nation's elite are moving swiftly to solidify their grip on power. (Public domain) Ajamu Baraka
Corporate Oligarchy or People’s Democracy?
For more than a decade, radical analysis has provided reams of studies revealing the political and economic dominance of an increasingly narrow sector of the U.S. and European corporate and financial...
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(Credit: Don Grinde / Labor Notes) Jack Rasmus
A May Day 2014 Lament for American Labor
Today, May 1, 2014, is International Labor Day. It is worth summing up how well American workers—and their unions—have fared over the past year; since the so-called economic recovery began in mid-...
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