Views for 2014-05-03

Saturday, May 3, 2014
Liz Kennedy
Dollars and Sense: Stopping Secret Political Spending
At a Senate hearing Wednesday, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens testified about the rise of dark money and the impact of what he's called the " grossly incorrect " decision in...
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Image from Eric Margolis
Why Deal When Israel Holds All the Cards?
Did anyone really think that John Kerry’s nine-month effort to produce a Palestinian mini-state would ever work? If so, they were either ignorant of the Mideast, naïve, or deeply cynical. The best...
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Joshua Sager
Is the USA Center-Right? An Issue-by-Issue Breakdown
It is a persistent belief among many in the political and media establishments that the United States is a “center-right nation” which finds progressives to be far too liberal for mainstream...
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Pete Seeger sings and his banjo states: THIS MACHINE SURROUNDS HATE AND FORCES IT TO SURRENDER. Orin Langelle
Memorial Photo Tribute for Pete Seeger’s 95th Birthday
For Pete Born: 3 May 1919, New York City, NY Died: 27 January 2014, New York City, NY I released these photos last year after this performance in Buffalo, NY. I believe this was the second to the...
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Christian Christensen
Press Freedom: It’s Not a Global Competition
Quality of Life. Corruption. Happiness. Transparency. Democracy. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of the Press. Pollution. Education. Livable Cities. Gender Equality. Year in and year out we see indices...
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Bob Katz
Who Should Really Own the LA Clippers?
For all those hoping the Donald Sterling debacle will signal a significant turning point, there exists a far better resolution than transferring ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers to Oprah, Magic...
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