Views for 2014-05-10

Saturday, May 10, 2014
Robert Parry
Burning Ukraine’s Protesters Alive
In Ukraine, a grisly new strategy – bringing in neo-Nazi paramilitary forces to set fire to occupied buildings in the country’s rebellious southeast – appears to be emerging as a favored tactic as...
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'The greed and indifference that defines our societies," writes Mesbahi, 'has been implanted and conditioned within us, generation after generation.' It's past time for a profound shift. (Photo credit: Flickr / cc / quinn.anya) Mohammed Mesbahi
Uniting the People of the World in a Sharing Economy (Part I)
At this time of economic turmoil it can be difficult to perceive for oneself how the principle of sharing is a solution to world problems, and this is especially true for many intellectuals. There...
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Given the NSA's talent for distorting the plain meaning of the English language, it's always possible the agency will find a way to subvert the will of the people it allegedly serves. But a bill could get to Obama's desk soon. (Photo illustration: DonkeyHotey / Flickr via Creative Commons) Trevor Timm
The Battle to Retake Our Privacy Can Be Won in the Halls of Congress – Really!
After months of inaction – and worries that real change at the National Security Agency was indefinitely stalled – there was a flurry of action in Congress this week on the most promising NSA reform...
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Did Clapper go follow his new draconian gag policy for this? Did he write out his answers for Q&A at GEOINT conference in April? Kevin Gosztola
Massive Gag Policy Expanded and Imposed in Response to Snowden
A massive policy to gag intelligence employees and even former employees in the United States intelligence community has been adopted in response to disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward...
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Donna Smith
Demand Better Care for All: Expand Medicare to All!
At my local Kaiser facility today, the pharmacy was bursting at the seams with patients and others waiting for pharmacy services. Children with runny noses clinging to their mothers' legs were...
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Demonstration against the separation wall--tear gas included--in the West Bank village of Bil'in. (Photo credit : Sidney Chu) Robert Shetterly
Wailing at the Separation Wall
You have what you desire: the new Rome, the Sparta of Technology and the ideology of madness. —Mahmoud Darwish I returned a few days ago from Palestine, where I was part of Lily Yeh’s Barefoot Artist...
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(Photo credit: Divest Harvard) Michael Winship
Fossil Fuels Divestment: Win Some, Lose Some, Keep Fighting
The divestment movement — a rising tide pushing institutions and other investors to pull their money out of fossil fuel companies — has a certain ebb and flow much in evidence this week. At Stanford...
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