Views for 2014-05-11

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Richard Falk
Citizens v. Subjects in a Democratic Society: The American Case
"Have we agreed to so many wars that we can’t Escape from silence?…" —Robert Bly, “Call and Answer” In my understanding silence is passivity as a way of being. Silence can be much more than the...
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Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, addresses a crowd in 2012 in Chicago. (Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP) Valerie Strauss
Chicago Teachers Union Passes Resolution Opposing Common Core
The Chicago Teachers’ Union House of Delegates has passed a resolution opposing use of the Common Core State Standards in teaching and testing, and it plans to lobby the Illinois Board of Education...
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Eric Reguly
Canada’s $207,000 Oil Sands Ad: Putting a Price on Deception
The ad in The New Yorker is pretty, if not quite arresting. The full-page photo on the inside back cover – prime real estate in the United States’ leading upmarket magazine – features a pristine...
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'The greed and indifference that defines our societies," writes Mesbahi, 'has been implanted and conditioned within us, generation after generation.' It's past time for a profound shift. (Photo credit: Flickr / cc / quinn.anya) Mohammed Mesbahi
Uniting the People of the World in a Sharing Economy (Part 2)
In light of the dramatic changes that lie ahead, any person who perceives sharing as an answer to converging crises should think carefully about the meaning of redistribution. This term has very...
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(Photo: Alfredo Caliz / Panos) Eveline Shen, Zachary Norris
Mothering Between A Rock and Prison
This Mother’s Day, Shanesha Taylor, a 25-year old homeless and unemployed mother, will be fighting for her freedom and her children for committing the unspeakable crime: trying to feed her family...
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Jim Stanford
Austerity Bites Canada
Today's labour force numbers are ugly, there's no other word for it. Employment down 29,000 jobs. Paid employment (i.e. not counting self-employment) down 46,000 jobs. The only reason the...
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The life, music, and spirit of the musician is told in the new book, “A Broken Hallelujah: Rock and Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen” by Liel Leibovitz. (Photo: APN/Chris Pizzello) Ruth Rosen
Leonard Cohen and 'A Broken Hallelujah'
There are surely some Americans who have never heard of Leonard Cohen. Then there are those who remember his early songs, like “Bird on a Wire,” popularized by Judy Collins in 1968, but who dismiss...
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Juan Cole
No Sense of Urgency: Obama’s New Solar Energy Commitments are still Just Baby Steps
President Obama has long expressed concern about climate change and its impacts, and was mocked by Mitt Romney for saying he wanted to stop the rising of the seas. But climate change activists have...
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A "drone shadow" created for the Istanbul Design Biennial. (Photo: STML/ Creative Commons/ Flickr) David Cole
‘We Kill People Based on Metadata’
Supporters of the National Security Agency inevitably defend its sweeping collection of phone and Internet records on the ground that it is only collecting so-called “metadata”—who you call, when you...
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