Views for 2014-05-18

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Photo: sharyn morrow/cc/flickr Christopher Brauchli
60s Style Divorce
Marriage is a noose. —Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote de la Mancha Acrimonious divorce may be making a comeback thanks to the actions of enlightened state legislatures! This does not refer to the...
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Photo: Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center/cc/flickr Ronnie Cummins
The Great Boycott: Monsanto and the GMA
Defying repeated threats of a lawsuit from Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), on May 8, Peter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont, signed a historic bill requiring food manufacturers...
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Dean Baquet. (Screen shot from PBS Frontline.) Kevin Gosztola
New York Times’ New Executive Editor Has History of Steering Clear of Controversial Reporting
New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson has been fired and replaced by Dean Baquet, who was managing editor at the Times. But how will he defend the right to publish when confronted by...
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Galen Sherwin
"Busy Boys, Little Ladies" - Wait, What Decade Are We In Again?
Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida, signed legislation earlier this week that would provide professional development for teachers in "single-gender" classrooms. This may sound innocuous — Who doesn'...
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Flickr/The Cable Show Jim Hightower
Psssst, Wanna Buy My Corporation?
Where’s Charles Dickens when we need him? The novelist, who laid bare the shame of gross income inequality in 19th century England, came up with some perfect names for his more despicable characters...
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Katitza Rodriguez
Looking Back One Year After the Edward Snowden Disclosures - An International Perspective
June 5th marks the first anniversary of the beginning of the Edward Snowden revelations–a landmark event in global awareness of the worldwide spying machine. It has been a year where the world has...
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Josh Tabish
Big Telecom Wanted to Force Your Favorite Websites into the Slow Lane. Here’s What the Internet Had to Say About That.
Thursday morning U.S. FCC Chair Tom Wheeler announced that his agency voted in favor of a plan that could allow the creation of a slow lane on the Internet. This could force everyone except those...
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