Views for 2014-05-20

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
(Photo: Dawn Paley/ Creative Commons) Joel Berg
A New Poor People’s Movement Must Have Leadership from Poor People
Imagine if the U.S. women’s suffragette movement had been led entirely by men, and its rank-and-file had been mostly male. The movement would surely have been far less galvanizing and assertive...
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(Photo: Elekhh/ Wikimedia Commons) Jane Hamsher
The Price of Whistleblowing: Manning, Greenwald, Assange, Kiriakou and Snowden
We were eating dinner last night around my kitchen table when the news of the dustup between Wikileaks and the Intercept came through the tubes. As I read the details to the people who came here to...
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Rebecca Solnit
The New Feminist Road Map
This following essay is from Rebecca Solnit’s new book, Men Explain Things to Me , and appears here with the permission of Haymarket Books and Dispatch Books. The history of women’s rights and...
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Katy Kiefer
Factory Farms Are Bad for Your Health
Every single day, factory farms feed their animals low doses of antibiotics to make them grow faster and prevent disease in filthy, crowded living conditions. In fact, the factory farming industry...
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Emily Letts in this screen shot. Abortion should be available on demand, without restrictions, for everyone who needs it. (Image: YouTube) Laurie Penny
Abortion Should Be Free, Safe and Legal – For Everyone
What does a good abortion look like? A few months ago, Emily Letts, a 25-year-old American clinic worker, filmed her surgical abortion and posted the video on the internet. In the clip, Letts smiles...
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An artist's rending is necessary, because the United States has not built one single mile of high-speed rail track. Not one. (Photo: file) Tom Engelhardt
US Military Spending and Our Bullet Trains to Nowhere
Consider this: our advanced robotic creatures, those drone aircraft grimly named Predators and Reapers, are still blowing away human beings from Yemen to Pakistan . Meanwhile, the Pentagon is now...
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Jean Ross
What’s Missing in Our Profit-Driven Healthcare System? Quality Human Care
Noticed how little in the healthcare debate we hear one word that should be at its center – care? Nurses have noticed, and are alarmed at worrisome changes now putting patients at risk. A new video...
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