Views for 2014-05-24

Saturday, May 24, 2014
(Photo: Creative Commons) Jay Walljasper
How a Commons Way of Life Helps Curb Climate Change
It’s easy to not think about the looming climate crisis. For one thing, it’s depressing to ponder the misery ahead if we don’t take drastic steps now to curb greenhouse emissions. It’s even more...
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A child receives the polio vaccine.(Photo: UNICEF Ethiopia) César Chelala
The CIA and the Wrong Uses of Public Health
One of my most persistent memories of my friend Dr. Albert Sabin, who developed an oral vaccine against polio was how, when we met after one of my health-related missions overseas, he would question...
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A woolly mammoth skeleton. (Photo: Heather F/ Creative Commons) Christopher Brauchli
Higher Education South Carolina Style
D’ye think th’colledges has much to do with th’ progress iv th’wurruld?” asked Mr. Hennessy. “D’ ye think,,” said Mr. Dooley, “’tis th’ mill that makes th’ wather run?” —Finley Peter Dunne, Mr...
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(Photo via Kathy Kelly) Kathy Kelly
A Pivot on the Peace Island
Jeju Island, South Korea – For the past two weeks, I’ve been in the Republic of Korea (ROK), as a guest of peace activists living in Gangjeong Village on ROK’s Jeju Island. Gangjeong is one of the...
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(Photo: Jamie Perez/ Creative Commons) Ralph Nader
Big Credit Suisse’s Sweetheart Deal
Attorney General Eric Holder’s sweetheart settlement with Switzerland’s second largest bank, corporate criminal Credit Suisse, sent the wrong message to other corporate barons. Senator John McCain (R...
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(Photo: Low Pay is Not Okay/ Facebook) Sarita Gupta
Fighting Poverty Wages
We’re at a critical moment in our economic recovery that requires real leadership and people power to ensure true economic democracy in our country. There is incredible work being done to build a...
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