Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Protesters fill the rotunda of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota Saturday, December 20. (Photo courtesy of Black Lives Matter - Minneapolis)
Iconic Mall of America flooded with demonstrators chanting, "While you’re on your shopping spree, black people cannot breathe."
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
(Photo: Justin Norman/flickr/cc)
Following the Pentagon's announcement on Saturday that it has repatriated four...
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Fast-food workers striking in New York City in July of 2013. (Photo: Annette Bernhardt)
Marking another victory for fast food workers who have staged strikes and...


Just so you know: Those trinkets of Christmas proclaimed to bring joy to the world - wreaths, lights, stockings, shiny stars and snowflakes and other glittering marvels of tree adornment - are likely made in Yiwu, aka China's Christmas Village, where the elves are sweating, under-paid, glue-and-paint-inhaling migrant workers doing 12-hour shifts in steamy factories and pretty fuzzy about what this "Christmas" is, except a hard ticket back to the provinces. Please don't feed the beast.