Thursday, October 20, 2016
Nasty Women Get Sh*t Done
Trump may have made an incoherent mockery of American democratic tradition by declaring the election only counts if he wins, but he also helped concoct this Halloween's hottest costume combo - Nasty Woman and Bad Hombre. Above all, he further mobilized already righteously enraged women and many others with his wildly uninformed abortion rant and infamous "nasty woman" crack, which quickly sparked a flood of memes, perfumes, t-shirts and fervent vows that "Nasty Women Vote."
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Trolling Trump With Taco Trucks
Today sees at least one dystrumpian fantasy come to gleeful life: Mexicans are building a wall - of taco trucks - around Trump's Las Vegas hotel to protest his refusal to bargain with newly unionized, majority Latino culinary workers there. After a rally, the Wall of Tacos will move to the scene of the crime/debate tonight to affirm that immigrant workers will be watching and voting, and "Bad bosses make bad presidents."
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In Their Own (Hateful) Words
In a climate awash in Trumpian vitriol, Palestinian advocates are calling out the same kind of bile long expressed by U.S.-backed Israeli politicians who insult, threaten, dehumanize and incite violence against what they likewise view as "the other" in their midst. By simply quoting Israelis' own toxic rhetoric, a new ad campaign by the Palestine Advocacy Project urges Americans to "connect the dots" between both sets of slurs and threats and walls, and denounce them.
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Monday, October 17, 2016
A Moment For Graciousness: This Is How We Resolve Our Differences
The weekend firebombing of a GOP campaign office in North Carolina was met with wildly disparate responses from the candidates. One called it "horrific," one said it was the work of "animals" supporting his opponent, and you can decide who said what. It was also met with a Democratic call to raise funds for repairs that quickly met its goal. The why is simple, said one still-civil citizen: "There is too much hate out there."
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Friday, October 14, 2016
Black Is Not A Weapon
With new autopsy results showing Keith Scott was killed by a shot in the back and three more from Charlotte police - none yet charged - a harrowing PSA calls out the "weaponization" of blackness in America. In the film, black actors and activists stand in frisk position, lit by police spotlights, to sounds of dispatch audio. First is George Zimmerman calling Trayvon Martin "a real suspicious guy (who) looks like he's up to no good." Its vital, chilling goal: That we "see the problem."
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Thursday, October 13, 2016
For the Greatest Benefit to Mankind: Dylan Wins Nobel for Literature
How does it feel. In a surprise announcement, Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize in Literature for ceaselessly creating "new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition." Dylan has long viewed himself as part of that tradition: "I just opened up a different door in a different kind of way... I was just extending the line.” He's the first American to win the prize since Toni Morrison in 1993, and the first songwriter. Times a'changin, but he endures. Go listen.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Muslims Report Stuff: Let the Trumpster Fire Rage
Silver Linings: The electoral carnage may reflect the debasement of our once-lofty democracy, but the awful spectacle of The Vulgar Talking Yam has also yielded untold riches for assorted sages, trolls, wiseacres and improbable activists. They range from the antic - Trump Your Cat and Tampons For Trump - to the substantive - a Muslim Women's PAC and no-Trump music campaign. Now add the post-debate-debacle gift, #Muslims Report Stuff. Thomas More: “The devil...cannot endure to be mocked.”
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016
We Are Together: Fixing Cars and Women's Lives En Route
To honor Day of the Girl - wait, one lousy day?! - we salute global efforts to improve female lives, from school campaigns to fight sexual assault to feminist websites to a new Babies Act mandating changing tables in men's bathrooms. Mostly we salute Sandra Aguebor, gritty founder of Nigeria's Lady Mechanic Initiative, which has trained hundreds of dispossessed young women, "transforming a life from nowhere to somewhere." "Skills change lives," says Aguebor. "Now she has a voice and a future."
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Monday, October 10, 2016
The Excuse of Progress: Celebrating Genocide, Slavery and Cultural Extermination
Monday "honors" a geographically inept and morally questionable voyager who stumbled on the so-called New World and proceeded to slaughter, pillage and expropriate all he found in what one witness called "these acts so foreign to human nature." In the face of a centuries-old and ongoing bloody legacy, leftist Spanish lawmakers have called for toppling Barcelona's Columbus statue and Native-Americans have called him out as "America's first terrorist."
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Saturday, October 8, 2016
Not Okay: Millions of Women Share Their Grisly Stories of Sexual Assault
Amidst the uproar over the latest bile spewing from the blowhole of the Orange Vulgarian, writer Kelly Oxford went online to describe her first sexual assault - out of five - and ask women to recount theirs. In 14 hours, she received almost 10 million short grim narratives, or roughly 50 a minute. Not surprised: Feminist Fight Club, who just wrote a survival manual for sexist workplaces. Now they have a new meme: Pussy Grabs Back Nov. 8.
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