Bernie Sanders

Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at the Brookings Institution on Monday, February 9. (Photo: AP)
Sanders said he took this step over concerns that the deal, despite its vast impact, is being rushed through Congress without public debate, or even knowledge of its contents.
Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
With members of Congress set to debate Fast Track authority this week, hundreds...
- Common Dreams staff
Vermont US Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday he’ll make a decision on running for...


Partnering with Brave New Films to counter the increasingly right-wing slant of a "new media ecosystem," intrepid independent Sen. Bernie Sanders has launched a weekly online show, "Senator Sanders Unfiltered," to speak directly with voters on health care, the class divide and other issues. See the first one here "Democratic debate has always been a two-way street. Now, it's more like five intersecting eight-lane highways. I'm pleased to be running out into the middle of that traffic."