Open Internet

Jon Queally, staff writer
Updated (11:55 AM EST): The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday, in a 3-2 vote, approved the reclassification of the Internet under Title II of the Communications Act. "A victory for the millions and millions of people who expect the Internet to be an open engine for free speech and innovation." —Craig Aaron, Free Press "Fast lanes will...
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
A U.S. House subcommittee is meeting Wednesday to make a final attempt to...
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Protesters rally outside of Time Warner Cable Headquarters in New York Monday, February 23. (Photo courtesy of Media Action Grassroots Network)
Rallies sweep country as fight for net neutrality heats up ahead of FCC vote.


Some of the world's largest websites and rights groups are planning a coordinated day of action on June 5, the first anniversary of Snowden's revelations, to oppose mass online surveillance. The Reset the Net campaign, launched by Fight for the Future, will feature a splash screen offering tips for direct action, like how to install NSA-resistant encryption tools , to ensure Internet privacy.