Joshua Eaton
Abu Ghraib
In February 2004 , U.S. troops brought a man named Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badry to Abu Ghraib in Iraq and assigned him serial number US9IZ-157911CI. The prison was about to become international news, but the prisoner would remain largely unknown for the next decade. At the time the man was brought in, Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba was finalizing his...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
"Here’s the bottom line," said attorney Joe Margulies, "Since Barack Obama took office, there is no one more different—who they thought he was and who he is—than Abu Zubaydah. He has done nothing that authorizes his continued detention. It is morally and legally unjustified." (Photo: AP)
After 14 years of being held without charge, Guantánamo prisoner Abu Zubaydah,...
Mattathias Schwartz, The Intercept
In January 2013, during the military trial of five men accused of plotting the...


Because no one has yet been held accountable for U.S. torture practices widely deemed "sadistic and terrifying," two open-government and FOIA activists are suing the CIA for its continued secrecy about its alleged secret surveillance of Senate lawmakers secretly investigating secret Bush-era torture. Welcome to the most transparent - and Kafkaesque - administration in history.